Top 3 Things I Love Doing For My Clients

I love helping clients realize that lifestyle changes don’t have to happen all at once, and instead helping them see where they can start right now in a way that feels manageable. If it’s not manageable, it’s not sustainable.

Here are three things that I love doing for my clients:

1) Removing the Stress

Often, people either don’t even know where to begin or are tired of struggling with knowing what to do but failing to actually do it. Either situation is stressful. It weighs on someone mentally when they are constantly spinning their wheels to solve a problem and getting nowhere.

When you work with LivWell, you aren’t just receiving the benefit of results, you are literally taking the mental heavy lifting out of movement and nutrition. Let me take that for you.

2) Building Confidence

Confidence is such a huge part of how we show up in the world! I love helping clients to build confidence in how they feel, how they look, and arguably most important: confidence in their ability to own their health.

I want my clients to get comfortable in the gym, eat without second guessing if they’re “doing it right”, and ultimately help them to take responsibility for each facet of their health. One piece at a time. One habit at a time. As they are ready.

When you take full ownership in something, you are confident! Sometimes people just need a coach to guide them and help them do just that.

3) Changing Mindset

This is THE biggest piece of being a human who wants to live their best life. It’s a weighty thing to say, I know, but with all of my heart I believe it’s true. Perception is everything.

When you remember that health is a journey (not a destination), you change the way you approach things. You’re not just doing a,b,c until you reach x. You embrace the process of making lasting changes. You learn to disregard the voice in your head that says ” you’re not doing enough,” because you realize that each time you consistently follow through on a habit you’re changing the way you do life.

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