Personal Training FAQ’s

When do you train clients?

Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Contact me if you’re interested learning more about training times/availability.

Where do you train?

I currently train clients at No Limit Fitness in Ashland City, TN.

I’m new to strength training. Do you work with beginners?

Yes! I love helping women who are new to strength training find their way in the gym. When you train with me, you’ll build: body awareness, knowledge of how to lift and train safely, confidence in using gym equipment, and so much more!

Tell me more about your personal training package.

My personal training package is 5 weeks and includes:

  • Functional movement screening
  • Individualized consult & training program
  • 10 semi-private personal training sessions. (Sessions are 60 minutes.)
  • Access to workout tracker and fitness platform

How long does it take to get results?

This is a question that is specific to each individual. During your initial phone consultation we would discuss your goals and the results you are wanting to achieve. When you sign up to train with me, we then determine the level of effort you are ready, willing, and able to put towards your goals. From there we can define a better timeline for your results.

For most clients with weight loss, strength, or learning goals, I recommend at least 15 weeks of training.

Why choose LivWell?

Here’s some things that set LivWell Coaching apart from other personal training programs:

Safety. Keeping you safe while working toward your goals is my number one priority as a coach. When you train with me, you will learn training techniques that take the pelvic floor and importance of breath into consideration. (This is not always easy to find among personal trainers!) The movement screening we do together also allows me to customize your program to how your body moves and helps us reach your goals while reducing your risk of injury.

Community. Training in small groups of 2-3 people brings so much more FUN and life into your sessions. You get to sweat with buddies! And you have more people holding you accountable. There is strength in numbers!

Always looking at the big picture. Moving your body at the gym is just one piece of the “health puzzle”. We look at your habits outside of the gym. i.e. Nutrition. Sleep. Schedule.

I will always take your lifestyle, your priorities, and unique situation into consideration as you and I work toward your goals.

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