Non-Scale Victories

Meet Jessie. When Jessie first started working on her health a few years ago, she had a weight loss goal for her weddingShe started going to the gym and working with a macro-based nutrition coach.

With great diligence, she did see amazing weight loss results. She felt great and she felt really strong. However, she reached a point where she needed a different nutritional solution that better supported her social and on-the-go lifestyle.

Feeling burned out on tracking her food intake, she took a pause on it. In that time period, she had a hard time striking a balance between healthy eating habits and still being social (which was/is a priority to her). She came to me because she was feeling lost as to how to accomplish this without the parameters of counting macros/calories.

We started working on the habit of eating and journaling one mindful meal daily. I asked her to not just journal what she ate, but to answer some other questions that required her to tune in to her body.We practiced this habit for several weeks until it became reflexive to her.

Another thing we worked on, was cooking at home more often….and not having so many rules about what she could/couldn’t cook. If it was made from whole, unprocessed foods, she made it! Regardless of the macro count or how “clean” the recipe was. She ate mindfully and moved on.

For Jessie the habit of mindful eating and releasing the “food rules” that had previously dictated her life, changed everything. Now when she attends social functions, she eat what she wants to without stressing over calories or overeating. She still uses her knowledge of macros with her nutritional choices, but the difference is that she listens to her body and stops when she’s had enough. She also cooks at home with less stress and finds more joy in the process of cooking.

It’s been such an honor to partner with Jessie on this journey. I love helping people build healthy relationships with food. Are you struggling to find a nutritional approach that supports both your goals and your lifestyle?

You are not alone. I have worked with so many people who are struggling with this. In fact, I used to have a terrible relationship with food. That’s why I created my nutrition membership program, EatWell.

I wanted to share the things I’ve learned both on my personal journey and through my Precision Nutrition certification. I wanted to create a community that would educate women on all things nutrition. Not just what to eat, but to address their mindset and beliefs around food. My goal for each community member is to empower them to change their habits so that they can create lasting changes to their health.

Are you ready to make lasting changes to your health and get connected to others who are on the same journey? Click the button below and let’s do this friend!

With Love,

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