Moving Toward Your Goal

What you intend to do versus what you actually do are often two different things. Have you ever met someone who constantly talks about big goals and dreams? At first it’s exciting. It can be inspiring. However, you probably stop listening when this same someone keeps talking about it but there’s no action to back it up. A year goes by and they haven’t made any steps toward their “goal.”

Have you been this person? I know at different points in my life, I have! So why do we do this? Why do we have big intentions but fail to take action? In my years of coaching, I have found one of the common denominators among my clients is the belief that “if I can’t be ALL in, why bother? It’s impossible to reach my goals, unless I’m giving 100%.”

This belief sets us up for failure from the get go. Sure, in a perfect world it would be wonderful to be 100% and go all in toward our endeavors. And there are seasons is life where you are able to give more time and energy toward a goal. The problem is, that life is going to keep happening. Unexpected events. Family situations. Job changes. Sick kids. Work deadlines. You get the idea.

What if you flipped the script on that belief? What if you said, “today I’m going to do something that moves me toward my goal”? Remove the expectation that it has to be something big. Remove the expectation that you need to eat a perfectly clean diet or show up to the gym 6 days a week to reach your health goals.

Do something that moves you toward your goal today my friend. No matter how small it is. At the end of the day, showing up consistently will win over short-lived efforts to be “all in”.

With Love,

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