Step by Step Challenge

Dear Friend,

Life moves at an incredibly fast pace. You don’t need to read this blog post to know that. I think we’re all keenly aware of it’s ability to speed by. The things that are most important to us require us to be intentional, otherwise they get lost in the shuffle.

Today I’m talking to the one who’s health has been lost in the shuffle. You mean well. You have great intentions to move your body and make better nutritional choices and yet another week goes by….and you barely kept your head above water.

Whether you’re working full time, running your household, or being a mama (or some combination of them all), it can feel overwhelming to juggle all the things.

I created the Step by Step Challenge for YOU. This free, 7 day accountability challenge was designed to help you bring awareness to key areas of your health (where you are now and where you want to be) and then build a roadmap to begin moving toward your goals.

Each day we will have a different area of focus (see the list below) with reflection questions. Your job will be answering these questions and walking daily for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Day 1: Connecting with You
Day 2: Movement
Day 3: Nutrition
Day 4: Overcoming Obstacles
Day 5: Roadmap
Day 6: Community
Day 7: Challenge wrap up

My favorite part about this challenge will be the daily Marco Polo check ins. If you aren’t familiar with the Marco Polo app, it’s a fun walkie talkie type of app that lets you send video messages. People can watch them live or wait until whenever they are able to. We did this in our last accountability challenge and it was so much fun!

Marco Polo conversations from The Grounding Habits Challenge

I love sending encouraging messages and touching base with each participant DAILY. The challenge begins August 15th, 2022. Whether this is your first time to focus on your health or you’re needing a reset, I would love to help you take action toward your health goals. Are you ready?? Let’s go!

With love,

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