Step by Step Challenge: Day 1

We just started the Step by Step Challenge, a free seven day accountability challenge designed to help challengers reconnect with themselves and with their health goals.

I love that we’re a mix of busy mamas and professionals who are doing this challenge because we NEED it. We’re juggling all the things and we don’t want to lose sight of our health. It was wonderful to hear from everyone yesterday as we kicked off the first day of the challenge.

Our first lesson was about connecting with ourselves and what that looks like. I provided a few targeted questions to help our group members practice this important life skill.

I’m looking forward to what the rest of the week holds with this amazing, strong, capable group of women! It’s not too late to join.

If you need to take your next right step, if you need community and if you need simple things to do each day that help you stay the course on your health journey. This challenge is for you, join today!

With love,

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