Prolapse: My Unexpected Postpartum Struggle

It had been about 4 months after my daughter, Nora, was born. I had completed pelvic floor physical therapy (PFPT) and felt like I had healed from my long labor that included pushing and ended in a C-section.

I was so eager to get back to doing things I used to do… running and strength training. I decided to go for a run and take Nora in the stroller. I kept it super easy, mostly walking with light and very short intervals of jogging. I had already done it once a few days prior and it felt good. But this day, towards the end of my run something didn’t feel right.

In the days that followed, I continued to notice a heavy feeling. A feeling of something falling out of my vagina. I also felt a burning sensation, almost like a UTI type of feeling. It was all really uncomfortable and freaking me out.

After doing some investigating of my symptoms and talking with a fellow health professional who’s speciality was postpartum and pelvic floor, we suspected I had a prolapse. Looking back I should have went back to a PFPT to confirm this. However, I tried to rehab myself and get back to doing the things I wanted to do.

One year later.

I was beyond frustrated. I had tried everything I knew to do and my symptoms were worse. Things felt heavier down south. I felt like I needed to pee all the time, even though I actually didn’t. I still remember the day that broke me. I leaked in the middle of a squat. That had never happened. I cried right there in the middle of the gym.

I knew I needed some outside help. This had been weighing on me mentally, emotionally, and physically for the last year and I knew I couldn’t carry it anymore. It was time for a professional who could provide some answers and HOPE.

I felt like I was broken. I wondered if I would ever be able to get back to doing the things I loved without symptoms and fear of hurting myself more.

Enter Dr. Aimee Bailey, aka the pelvic yogi. Aimee was my second round of PFPT. And let me just tell you that this time was different- in a good way! I’ll share more in a future post about my work with Aimee and my physical and emotional prolapse healing. For now, I’ll close it out with the reminder that there is hope.

There is Hope

If you or someone you know is dealing with a prolapse…there is hope. The answer isn’t always surgery. Or a pessary. Or avoiding all the things that seem to ramp up your symptoms. Healing of any kind is always a journey. A process. This is absolutely true regarding all things postpartum.

Your body did this incredible thing of growing and birthing a human. If you feel like you’re spinning in circles in this healing journey, you might need some additional tools to help your body heal. Find a good pelvic floor physical therapist. That’s always a great place to begin.

The hope and healing that I’ve experienced this year are what has inspired me to move forward in coaching postpartum women. I’ll be sharing more on that soon! If you have questions about prolapse or finding a pelvic floor physical therapist, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With love,

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