About Me

Welcome to LivWell! I’m Olivia, but a lot of people call me Liv. I’ve been a coach in the greater Nashville area for almost 7 years.  I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition certified coach, and certified in pregnancy and postpartum exercise.  My own health and fitness journey inspired the creation of LivWell Coaching.

For years I struggled with body image, disordered eating, and a terrible relationship with movement.  Today, I’m happy to say my relationships with my body, food, and movement are in MUCH healthier places now than they’ve ever been.

After the birth of my daughter in 2020,  I had a hard time returning to exercise. Navigating a prolapse was one very challenging piece of my postpartum recovery. It’s actually what inspired me to pivot my coaching focus toward mamas.

Just as pregnancy and postpartum experiences are different for every mama, I believe there’s also no single approach when it comes to fitness for mamas either. Taking a mama’s experience, goals, priorities, and preferences into consideration, I enjoy working with my clients to create individualized plans. I specialize in helping mamas with:

  • Diastasis Recti
  • Prolapse
  • Incontinence
  • Navigating exercise in pregnancy
  • Returning to exercise postpartum

I’m here because I want mamas to feel safe, seen, and supported as they move toward their health and fitness goals. If you’re interested in working with me, let’s chat. I would love to connect with you! Book your free consultation with me here.

When I’m not coaching or teaching about core & pelvic health, I enjoy spending tine outside with my family. I also enjoy climbing aerial silks, baking bread, and decorating sugar cookies.

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