For those who struggle with emotional eating

Emotional and stress eating are very common coping mechanisms for a lot of people, including myself. If you don’t know my story, I used to struggle with binge eating and stress eating .  Today I want to tell you that in times of high stress, I STILL struggle with stress/emotional eating. Yes, me, the personalContinue reading “For those who struggle with emotional eating”

Step by Step Challenge: Day 1

We just started the Step by Step Challenge, a free seven day accountability challenge designed to help challengers reconnect with themselves and with their health goals. I love that we’re a mix of busy mamas and professionals who are doing this challenge because we NEED it. We’re juggling all the things and we don’t wantContinue reading “Step by Step Challenge: Day 1”

Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition & Fitness

Hey there, friend. I want to share with you today about my journey with pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and fitness. Before you dive into my story, I think it’s so important to note that EVERY mama’s journey looks different. However, I do think we can all learn something from hearing each other’s stories. I amContinue reading “Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition & Fitness”

Moving Toward Your Goal

What you intend to do versus what you actually do are often two different things. Have you ever met someone who constantly talks about big goals and dreams? At first it’s exciting. It can be inspiring. However, you probably stop listening when this same someone keeps talking about it but there’s no action to backContinue reading “Moving Toward Your Goal”