Personal Training FAQ’s

When do you train clients? Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Contact me if you’re interested learning more about training times/availability. Where do you train? I currently train clients at No Limit Fitness in Ashland City, TN. I’m new to strength training. Do you work with beginners? Yes! I love helping women who are new to strengthContinue reading “Personal Training FAQ’s”

3 Ways I Put the Brakes on Mindless Snacking

There’s no doubt about it. When you’re on the journey to improving your health, the snacks that you choose are important. But often overlooked, is how you’re snacking. When you shift your focus away from the what you’re eating and tune into the how, you’ll find the what actually starts to follow anyway. The tipsContinue reading “3 Ways I Put the Brakes on Mindless Snacking”

Top 3 Things I Love Doing For My Clients

I love helping clients realize that lifestyle changes don’t have to happen all at once, and instead helping them see where they can start right now in a way that feels manageable. If it’s not manageable, it’s not sustainable. Here are three things that I love doing for my clients: 1) Removing the Stress Often,Continue reading “Top 3 Things I Love Doing For My Clients”