Your Pelvic Floor: The Essentials

Over the weekend, I taught my first ever pelvic floor workshop. Thank you to PowHer Performance for hosting me!

My passion for pelvic health started shortly after having my daughter in 2020. On my postpartum healing journey, I began learning about the pelvic floor (for the first time ever) and it’s role in our health. Side note: can we just talk about how crazy it is that I am a certified personal trainer and this was not mentioned at all in my training?? I digress.

After starting down this path, I quickly realized that so many women do not know anything about their pelvic floor. While there’s more resources now than ever before, there seems to be a giant disconnect in connecting women to this information.

So I put together a workshop that encompassed the essentials, a pelvic floor 101, to share the information that I believe every woman needs to know.

Women deserve to know what their pelvic floor is, what it does, how to have a healthy pelvic floor and who to reach out to when they need professional help (and knowing when they might need some help!) That’s exactly what we talked about at this event.

We looked at a model pelvis and discussed the anatomy of the pelvic floor. We talked through the important jobs of our pelvic floor and how the entire body is connected. If we overlook any part, we’re missing a piece of the puzzle.

Then we got to work. With everyone on mats, I walked attendees through connecting with their pelvic floor by using their breath. We tried different positions to see which ones were optimal for each person. We ended our floor work by playing with a plank and our ability to engage our pelvic floor muscles.

Lastly, we discussed common pelvic floor issues. Diastasis. Prolapse. Constipation. Painful sex. Incontinence. We talked through what a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT) does and when it’s a good idea to see one. Spoiler alert: an annual exam is a great idea!

After graduating PFPT, you might work with someone like me to help you on your journey. Hello personal training and coming very soon- postpartum coaching! I’ll be sharing more about the difference in these two services soon. But for now, if you’re interested in postpartum coaching, join my interest list to get information as it’s released. If you’re interested in personal training, book a consultation call with me today!

If you missed this one, don’t miss the next, my friend. Everyone there said they knew someone who needed to hear what was shared. You’ll be hearing a lot more from me on this topic, I can assure you of that.

If you haven’t connected with me on Facebook or Instagram, please do. My private Facebook community is great space to ask questions and get healthy tips on movement, nutrition, and mindset. I’d love to hear from you friend.

With love,

P.S. Shout out to PowHer Performance. It’s a lovely boutique studio that offers fitness classes, workshops, monthly girl’s night events, and more! Check out the website to learn more!

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