Welcome to LivWell! I’m Olivia, but a lot of people call me Liv. I’ve been a coach in the greater Nashville area for almost 7 years.  I’m a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach & Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.

My own health and fitness journey inspired the creation of LivWell Coaching. I’m here because I want to empower women to take ownership of their health.

For years I struggled with body image, disordered eating, and a terrible relationship with movement. I lived the same cycles on repeat. I would deprive myself of the foods I really enjoyed. Binge eat. Feel weighed down by guilt and shame. Promise myself to do better next time. Proceed with a workout to make up for my “bad” deeds. Over and over and over.

Today, I’m happy to say my relationships with my body, food, and movement are in MUCH healthier places now than they’ve ever been. I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your health goals and do so while simultaneously improving those relationships.

I specialize in helping women with goals of:

  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Postpartum healing
  • Getting stronger
  • Losing weight
  • Learning how to eat in a way that aligns with their goals

What People Say

She always makes sure we are in a fun atmosphere and keeps us challenged, yet safe, through her coaching.

-Jessie B.

As an older woman who has yo-yoed my weight for most of my life, I wanted someone who would work with me, get to know me and my body and habits. 

-Tammy M.

She knows how to make you feel strong and push you to be the best version of yourself. 

-Britt B.